Delving deeper into the data and the detail to determine distinctive new directions of travel.

The government of the United Kingdom anticipate that the creation and use of data will add over £240 billion to our economy by 2020.Some prediction and along the way a new act of parliament to replace the Data Protection Act 1998 will be enacted.Meanwhile the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) should come into force in May 2018. Plenty to comply with and think about.Now is the time to reflect on the use of data and we can help you discover growth opportunities for the business you operate (you will probably need to discuss the matter with your preferred legal partner in the process as well.) The risks and opportunities abound.We can help you construct a way forward to reap the benefits from delving deeper into the data and detail you already have to hand. Please get in touch soon.

About Guy Taylor

I am a risk, strategy & innovation management researcher and a leading edge thinker. I have a strong technical background and entrepreneurial ethos, plus I am a proven innovator of new business models. I have a good knowledge of Insurance, Energy & Natural Resources, Public, Pharmaceutical, Financial Service & third sectors, having worked with FTSE, and various government agencies. After a career break to obtain my Masters degree in Insurance & Risk Management, in 2000 I founded Treseder & Company, a private management consultancy practice advising in the public and private sectors. My specialties are: Systems thinking and Systemic risk, Scenario analysis, Risk Identification methodologies, Strategy and Innovation, Futures thinking, and Horizon scanning. I launched in 2010
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