What your world needs now!

What stage of an innovation strategy cycle are you at?

Incremental, Evolutionary or Radical!

From where we sit a stagnant economy and no positive social change appear to be the norm across a whole spectrum of public and private sector actors.Just treading water, keeping your head below the parapet and all the other cliches spring to mind. Where are the new ideas and creativity?

Need help with this? We guarantee you at least 7 new steps to aid change and innovation in a days review of your current operations and strategy.People are talking up complexity but we will simplify your problems.

Be proactive call us soon before this offer runs out or your competition gets in touch with us first.

Now is the time more than ever before to focus on creativity and innovation.

Happy New Year

Guy Taylor

About Guy Taylor

I am a risk, strategy & innovation management researcher and leading edge thinker. I have a strong technical background and entrepreneurial ethos, plus I am a proven innovator of new business models.I have a good knowledge of Insurance, Energy & Natural Resources, Public, Pharmaceutical, Financial Service & third sectors, having worked with FTSE, and various government agencies. After a career break to obtain my Masters degree in Insurance & Risk Management, in 2000 I founded Treseder & Company, a private management consultancy practice advising in the public and private sectors.My specialties are: Systems thinking and Systemic risk, Scenario analysis, Risk Identification methodologies, Strategy and Innovation, Futures thinking, and Horizon scanning. I launched www.britideas.com in 2010
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